Minecraft, is in my opinion, one of the best games ever. It is a sandbox game where your objective is to survive, build, and adventure. The world is composed of blocks and each world is randomly generated different from the rest, which gives complete replay-ability. Here are some great wallpapers related to the game.

Here are two wallpapers with quotes from Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde.

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Here are some wallpapers of natures wonder, and A bustling cityscape.

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One day pandas like these will band together and rule the world! But you have to start somewhere so for now they will rule your computer!

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Heres a collection of wallpapers with futuristic-style neon shapes and designs.

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Here are some wallpapers from the popular retro games Pac-Man and Space Invaders and a classic NES controller.

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This image comes from the popular fps-puzzle game, Portal. It is a single player game made by Valve for the Playstation 3, X-Box 360, Windows, and Mac. At the beginning of each level the player is shown a board similar to the one in the image.

four screentreats exclusive wallpapers for 30 inch cinema display

I uploaded the first four images in an ongoing series of exclusives for screentreats. I created these a while ago and have finally gotten around to sharing them here. They were designed for a 30″ Apple cinema display but will work with any WQXGA (Wide Quad eXtended Graphics Array) resolution monitor. Let me know what you think.
They are available for download on the exclusive wallpaper page

These high res images from the Materials Research Society “Science as Art” are beautiful. via Boing Boing

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Steampunk Wallpaper is awesome. I just saw this on Boing Boing.
I love the firefox logo with the stitching on it.
Check it out.

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